Tuesday, February 20, 2018


You're blessed when you get your inside world---your mind and heart---put right. The you can see God in the outside world.   Matthew 5:8  ( The Message )

This past weekend Les and I went to a Winter Cabin Fever Flea Market in a little nearby town. It's nice having something like this to go to in the Winter as we usually have to wait to Spring to do most of our buying. It is truly an antidote for Cabin Fever! I only purchased four things but I like what I DID buy! In fact everything I bought is something that I always buy when I see them as they are popular sellers in my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's! I never think twice about buying these items. They are no-brainers!

                                                      First up...An antique metal soap dish... I had not seen any like this one before. Kind of rusty but it adds to the charm.

                   I always pick up lanterns when I see them also. I love the look of old lanterns! This is a Dietz Little Wizard.

And I always pick up galvanized watering cans if they have the sprinkler head on them, especially. Spring is not far off and these are great decor pieces!

And last but not least, this vintage Tennis Racket. These have been popular in my Shop as well. They are nice for wall decor for a Sporty Vintage look! They can be repurposed for other things as well.

And if you like the color green or want to buy a gift for St Patrick's Day, I have a few treasures to consider below...

The little barrel in the front has shot glasses in it, and the folk art bird on the right is handmade using  old wood pieces. The rest of the treasures are self explanatory. Go to my Etsy Shop, Gwen and Alma's here.

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