Friday, February 16, 2018


So I'm finding that I like Folk Art. The Museum Of National Folk Art describes Folk Art as "Art of the every day. It is rooted in the traditions that come from Community and Culture."

To me, there are two types of Folk Art.  One type of Folk Art is labeled "naive" in that it usually is created by someone with no art training but is created from someone's imagination and using just the materials one has on hand.

But I also think there are other kinds of Folk Art in which the Artist HAS had training. I found that many artists can't even agree as to a simple definition of the term "Folk Art".  It's kind of confusing, really.

These are two "Folk Art" dolls I have that I'm loving right now. 

 This funny lady held cleaning rags ( clean ones! ) for me but is now for sale in my Etsy Shop.

                                       This Folk Art Dog is also for sale. He has wheels and you can take him for a walk using his leash. You can also take the top off and put the dog's treats or toys in there. He's rather quirky, I know.

I have a lot of other fun Folk Art pieces, some of which I'm keeping and some that are for sale or WILL be!

Check out my Etsy Shop, Gwen And Alma's here.

Does anyone else collect Folk Art?

Thanks for stopping by!

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