Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Next Sale Dates

Hi Friends of Hob Nobbers,

I've been busy! I am going to try, though, and stay in touch on a daily basis even if it's just a quick note or thought for the day. This is going to take DISCIPLINE on my part, something that is not the easiest for me but I'm gonna try! It would REALLY motivate me if I received a lot of feedback from all of you. So don't be shy and get on those comments!

We have decided that our next shopping event and party will be on Labor Day weekend, Sept 6th and 7th ( Sunday and Monday ). Details will follow in future blogs so keep looking. We'll have the usual and more! There will be treasures that will be great for Fall and Thanksgiving also.

I've already found some very unique and interesting things and Karen is busy pressing and starching her linens for the big event. Renee, who enjoys repurposing fun things, has a bench she made that could make it to the sale! So stay tuned to this blog and we'll keep you posted! Pass it on to your friends as well!

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