Friday, January 1, 2010


Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm spending the day reading, relaxing, and trying to adopt the pace of nature. I'm also making my list of New Year's Resolutions while a roast is cooking in the oven getting ready for roast beef sandwiches. Tom and Monica and the three grandkids stayed over night after having had a New Year's party with friends ( and their children ) in the main part of the house. Eight year old Brianna handed me her bags when they arrived and asked if I could take them to her "cabin". She decided this was like a "Winter Gramma Camp". This morning we had a breakfast of french toast, cinnamon rolls, coffee, orange juice and bananas around the "still Christmasy" dining room table. It was really fun having them overnight and it DID seem like a winter camp.

Soon I'll be taking the Christmas decorations down. I'm going to miss them, they are all so warm and welcoming. I took a few snippets of photos around the house, some of just tiny colored vintage bulbs and other things I'll miss when the decorations are gone. One thing I'll have is the paperwhites that I planted a bit late for Christmas but I'll have around for a while to brighten my day in the cold of winter. I also keep my Carolers around until the end of January. Speaking of the Carolers, I found a "husband" for Mimi with a 40% off coupon so I HAD to get him. He's on this blog and his name is Greg. They have a dog named, Max, but no children yet.( Check back a few blogs if you don't know what I'm talking about.)

I've started collecting more vintage treasures for the Memorial Day Hob Nobber event and already have some "interesting" finds. I'll post a few photos of them another time to entice you. View ( on this post ) a white vintage collage I'm putting together. I'll post the end result later. Gotta get back to making my resolutions!

May your year be filled with joy and laughter!

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