Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Homes Tell A Story

I went to an estate sale this weekend. It was really sad as it was the beautiful home of a young single divorced mom of two little twin boys. She died unexpectedly. Her home was filled with beautiful furniture,  lots of candles, many handmade items (some completed and some not quite finished), crafting supplies, and books..... from  how to overcome a divorce, getting over depression and moving on, and raising happy children. There was a needlepoint of a victorian couple skating on a pond that was not finished. I was tempted to buy it and complete it in memory of her and I don't even KNOW the woman. Everyone was rummaging through the things looking for bargains seemingly oblivious of  the life that left them behind. For some reason  at an estate sale I always think of the person whose belongings I am purchasing. Their belongings tell a story of the kind of person they were. I don't know this mother or her story but her home tells me she was a loving mother who was trying to do her best in raising two young twin boys without their father. She loved to decorate with things that made a warm, welcoming, and fun home. They had a dog who was treated rather well with a box full of dog  clothes including Halloween costumes. She collected Dickens village houses and decorated with many holiday trimmings for each holiday. She enjoyed crafts such as needlepoint, painting, scrapbooking, card-making, and mixed textiles. She apparently encouraged her children to be creative also as there were many kids crafts items also. She loved candles and books.

I ended up purchasing a few things...... a small old chest  that had been antiqued and painted with flowers ( did she paint this? ), a children's activity book for a car trip that was still in its plastic wrap ( for our grandkids trip to Florida this Spring ),  two Joyce Meyers books, and a couple of wooden church bird houses ( just because they were so cute ).

Estate Sales always remind me that our homes tell a story about us. I started to wonder again just what kind of story MY home tells. I had to laugh at myself as I imagined setting up my house just so that if there was an estate sale someday that my belongings would tell a wonderful story about me. I know,  my mind thinks in crazy ways sometimes. Not that I would DO that, of course.  :)  But as I looked around my home I was rather pleased with the story it tells.

So what story is your home telling about YOU? Look around and see what story your home tells. If you don't like the story, it's not to late to change. Let your home tell a happy story.


  1. A really neat post made me start thinking about the estate sales I go to. Usually they are older people and have lived their life as should be. Kinda sad a young mother had to leave her children and home! My home is filled with family treasures and lot's of other peoples treasures! I love them all. I am blessed. XO Fran.

  2. What a neat story, Sandy. I agree with you, estate sales really start you to thinking about the family. When I see family photos and albums for sale it makes me so sad to think that no family is left or if they are they just don't care enough to keep them. My dad was born in 1898 so the photos of family are very scarce. They were very poor and photos were, I'm sure, a big splurge. I have one of the entire group, Mom, Dad and the 10 kids. All are wearing their Sunday best but no one has on shoes! LOL
    Right now my home would tell the story that "Vera hasn't taken the time to clean me!" I will start looking at it through new glasses. Thanks


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