Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vintage Headboard

Yesterday I went shopping for an antique headboard for our guest room, which really is Elissa and Jon's room whenever they are home. We have  a full size bed in there with no headboard and I was hoping to find something interesting to use as a headboard. Couldn't find a full one but I did find this vintage twin headboard ( see photos ) which I didn't need but it was such as bargain I scooped it up anyway. It's a pretty creamy yellow and look at the flowered details! I'll probably put it in our next Hob Nobber sale. I thought it would be cute made into a bench but I might just sell it as it work for me then! It's in great condition!


  1. You sound so much like me. I always end up buying something I don't need. I got Hannas bed at a antique store ( full) But now she is needing a Queen size one. Her and I just don't fit good in the bed together anymore. lol

  2. Hi, Kath!
    Thanks for the comment and the "follow". I followed you back and enjoyed your blog. You're also signed up now for our Give-Away. :)
    Have a great day! sandy


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