Saturday, March 20, 2010

Playdates and Treasures

Our friends, Max and Patty,  have a granddaughter about the same age as our grandson, Charlie, and the other day Patty called to invite us  on a Playdate. So Grampa Les and I took Charlie to the park  to meet them for his first Playdate with Miriam. It was very difficult getting them both to sit still at the same time for pictures. Charlie was a little shy at first but then warmed up to Miriam and they had a great time as did the Grandparents. It was a beautiful sunny day! Aren't they adorable? What fun!

I also found time to go" treasure hunting" in the afternoon while Charlie and Grampa were napping. I picked up this pretty blue dish ( not old )  for myself as my China is blue and white and I like to pick up odd pieces for serving. I paid a whopping 75 cents and when I turned it over it still had a price tag from a local gift/floral shop for $28.99! WooHoo! What a deal!


  1. Sandy, Charlie is just adorable! Don't you just love taking the grandkids out to play?
    We are finally getting to visit ours next week in Colorado. The three oldest are in The Crown, a production put on by New Life Church. The youngest girl is the only girl in the play with a speaking part. We have called her "Miss Hollywood" since she was 2 years old!

  2. We're in Florida now with kids and grandkids and just got the mac up and running. Thanks for all your comments!

    You must have promising actors in the family! What fun to see them in all in a play! Have fun!


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