Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Minute Purchases Before Vacation

Just wanted to share some cute new purchases which will be on sale at our next Hob Nobber event on Memorial Day weekend. The "tuliped" rabbit  is a cute box which could be used all year long as a fun little storage container. And what Grandma wouldn't love to receive this beautiful little dish for a gift?  The two little bunnies sit atop a round glass dish with  a cover for a cute addition to someone's dresser. Be sure to look for them when you shop... unless I  decide I can't part with them, which often happens!

Spring is here and we'll be heading with family to Florida for spring break but I'll still be posting as we'll be taking our new Mac laptop along. Maybe I'll even find some cute things along the way to pick up. So I guess you'll be going on vacation with us. Stay in touch as I'll try to post three times a week. And, no, I'm not a work-aholic. This is FUN for me!!!!!

OH! And one more thing.  Cathy at Treasured Heirlooms is having a give-away. Cathy's picture is on the right here. Click on her Treasured Heirlooms button ( below to the right ) to take you to her site where you can sign up.  She has been featured in many magazines and has many lovely things for sale at her on-line store. Check it out!
 Have a great week!  

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