Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Special "Find"

Yesterday I showed you some photos that I said were my last purchases before leaving for sunny Florida. I really had not planned on hob nobbing for more treasures but when driving by one of my "thrifty haunts" MY CAR drove right in there! I couldn't BELIEVE it! Does that happen with anyone else's car? Anyway I ran into Karen, one of my Hob Nobber partners. We like to get each other's opinion about purchases so we searched around together.

But the MAIN reason I'm sharing this today is to show you what I found! .... This beautiful 22"x22" framed TAPESTRY! The photo doesn't do it justice and I couldn't figure out how to get a photo ( might need a new camera ) without the glare ( under the glare is a little hut ) but it is gorgeous! It is so serene with soft muted colors. I think this one might be a keeper for me and not for sale. But you never know....


  1. hello! what a cute and fun blog you have! thanks so much for visiting mine and leaving your sweet comment.

    your tapestry is lovely.

    happy spring!


  2. How fun to hear from you here! I'm new at blogging so I get very excited when someone comments! Thank you! Have a SUNNY day! sandy

  3. What a beautiful tapestry and what a great find!
    Is your Hobnobbers sale on Memorial Day? I would love to come up and see you. I bet you have so many wonderful things. And then I could get a tour of your home!!!

  4. Our sale is over Memorial Day weekend, Sunday afternoon and Monday. You should plan on coming up and for sure you would get the grand tour! sandy


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