Friday, May 20, 2011


I've been away from my blog for a while as I've been working on another project which you'll be hearing about in the coming weeks. And then I had a setback because while carrying my two year old grandson, I tripped and fell on his battery operated car that he uses to drive all over our house. I had gashes in my leg requiring 10 stitches and pulled a muscle in my right arm leaving me unable to use my  arm without quite a bit of pain along with many more bruises. I looked like and felt like I had been hit by a REAL car! Fortunately my grandson didn't end up with even a scratch or bruise on him and wasn't even that frightened by it all. He just looked at me and said," Gramma go BOOM!"

Anyway, in addition to my newest project ( which I'll share in the future ) I'm working on collecting treasures for our upcoming Memorial Day Sale. The days and times for the event will be Sunday, May 29th, 12-5 and Monday, May 30th , 9-5. We've been finding many fun and interesting treasures so be sure to come and invite your friends. Monday we will put out new items so be sure to visit BOTH days!

I've decided to part with my beautiful urn that I wrote about in another post. It's over 100 years old and in mint condition! Here's a photo of it. Oops, the little baby on the right will not be for sale.

Also for sale will be this vintage ( antique?) bench from St Mary's Hospital! A fun historical piece that you'll love to have in your home!

In the coming days I'll be sharing more photos of the treasures we'll have for sale so stay tuned!

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