Sunday, May 22, 2011


                           HOB NOBBER MEMORIAL DAY SALE
Don't forget to DANCE ON OVER TO OUR BIG SALE coming up this weekend! See details on the right  sidebar. 

Karen, Renee, and I have been busy hobnobbing all over the countryside finding only the BEST TREASURES just for YOU!
 My husband, Les, and I were out the other day and we felt like the American Pickers while scouting out places to shop. We should have a camera following US around and videotaping our escapades! We drove up to Lake City and then Red Wing and finally stopped for lunch at the Whistlestop Inn, a cute little cafe ( greasy spoon ) in Frontenac. Of course MY pick would have been The Chickadee Cottage ( girly salad and quiche type-fare ) in Lake City but I decided to let Les pick our lunch stop as a "REWARD" for driving me around the countryside to shop. He's really great going along with me  to help out but  there are two reasons why sometimes I would rather NOT bring him along:

1) He finds BIG pieces of furniture that he tries to talk me into hauling home. These are PROJECTS then that I have to work on! For example, there was a beautiful old piano sitting on a boulevard. You know...that means FREE and Les will take ANYTHING that's FREE! IT WAS HUGE! Yes, it was beautiful but it NEEDED WORK and there was NO WAY we could lift that thing! He took up WAY TOO MUCH  shopping time  trying to figure out how we could get that thing home. So we left it there.

2) He is a very social person and stops and talks to EVERYONE! He had worn his Iowa Hawkeye jacket so everyone thought we were from Iowa so every man we saw started in with questions about the Iowa sports teams. Even though we're from Minnesota (OK, Les WAS born and raised in Iowa but hasn't lived there in 40 years ) Les never let on that he didn't live in Iowa. He knew all the sports answers anyway as he has been a coach for many years and a sports trivia "nut". So at every stop I did my shopping, was heading for the car.... and he was always still chatting away about sports.

We had lots of fun though and a lot of laughs and enjoyed the beautiful  scenery and the hunt for treasures. Les even found a few "MANtiques" for the sale!

So come to the sale and see what we've found!

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