Saturday, March 10, 2012


Hey, Everyone! My friend, Sherrie and I have just released a booklet that is selling as an e-book at Amazon! It's called, "30 Ways To Reduce Stress". That's pretty exciting! But you can get it right from this blog! Just go to my book shoppe  ( Sandy's Book Shoppe ) on the right sidebar and click on it. When you get inside, click on the "wellness" button and you'll find the book! It will come right to your computer in under a minute and only costs $2.99! An inexpensive way to get an amazing feeling!

The book shares 30 simple tips that, when carried out consistently, can change your life from harried to relaxed! It takes 28 days or less to create a habit and this booklet shares the habits you can create in your life to reduce stress if followed for 28 days. Imagine how great you'd feel if you developed ALL 30 HABITS! They're tried and true as they've worked for us and others!

In the book there's a place to check off when you've consistently "exercised" one habit for 28 days. The key is being INTENTIONAL and IN THE MOMENT when you are doing these. So what are you waiting for? Start those relaxing little habits right now and start out with your BEST RELAXING SPRING EVER!

If you've been feeling too busy, overwhelmed, stressed out, keyed up, dragged down...etc, etc....IT"S TIME TO RELAAAAAAX!

This is a kindle edition but kindle can be downloaded free onto your computer. Just follow the instructions listed. We'd love it if you shared this  e-book with your friends!

Oh! And don't worry....I'll be out Hob Nobbing soon for  more treasures for you to pick up at our LABOR DAY SALE! Can't wait to share the finds I've found already! I'm having to resist the temptation to keep them...

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