Wednesday, March 6, 2013


March is roaring in like a lion here with a two day winter storm and the local meteorologist predicting  up to a foot of snow. Hopefully a snow day for the kids and teachers tomorrow. This is no surprise here in Minnesota for typically we have one last blizzard in March, commonly around the weekend of the girls state basketball tournament. I know this because my husband has coached girls  high school basketball for 35+ years and my daughter played basketball and now my two granddaughters are playing basketball. And every year around this time we get THE BASKETBALL BLIZZARD...well, that's what I call it anyway!
But even though I KNOW this is going to happen every March, I begin celebrating SPRING by bringing it INSIDE my home. Spring brings to my mind all that is fresh, airy, light, bright, new, and alive! I like to turn my home into the embodiment of SPRING by bringing in things that will touch ALL the senses. So this Spring I  began my march into Spring by purchasing some tulips.  It's nice to be able to bring spring color in to brighten the house with beautiful flowers.

Did you notice the wire basket they're in? There is a glass container inside the wire basket to hold the water. I purchased this online at Katie's Rose Cottage. I'm sure you've seen this online shop before. If not, you can go there here.  They have amazing farmhouse and French decor.

They included this cute little tag:  Spring birds!

Here are a few more things I'll do to have a Spring Home before the outdoors is ready.

I bring in the SCENTS OF SPRING into my home with a new Spring fragrance. I found Colonial Candle's fragrance, SPRING AWAKENING. This scent promises to invigorate with fresh apple, grapefruit, and sun dried cotton. I'm looking forward to  awakening  my senses!

I'll throw open the windows ( yes, even just a little bit if there is still snow on the ground ) for another invigorating scent of CRISP FRESH AIR!  Throwing open the windows enriches at least FOUR of my senses as I SMELL the fresh air, FEEL the cool breeze on my face, HEAR the birds chirping outside, and SEE the curtains billowing gently in the breeze.

found on Pinterest

 Spring taste is lighter fare than the hardier, heavy winter foods. Vegetables, early strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, arugula, radishes and more are some of the tastes of Spring. So I begin to make lighter foods, trips to the Farmer's Market, and use the produce of others before the gardening can begin. Different foods can highlight the beginning of Spring. It's fun to highlight the season with fresh new Spring foods!
found on my Pinterest board, YUMMY

In Spring I begin to de-clutter and the Spring Cleaning begins. Spring cleaning brings order and freshens my home. Here's one little thing I'm going to do this month. My husband and I are book lovers but we have way too many piling up here and there around the house, spilling out of their designated "home". So every day we'll take 15 minutes to sort through the books in one room ( yes, they're scattered throughout the house by now ) and sort them. We'll  give away some to our church library or the Salvation Army OR put them back  in their "home" in the little office space we have.
Maybe I'll create some new shelves in our little office space  like the one pictured here. It's simple, small, and  uncluttered. I found this on Pinterest, of course.

And finally I'll add a few Spring light and airy colored pillows to brighten the mood of our home.I found some new ones on Etsy here that are colorful and happy! They literally shout "HAPPINESS"!

By bringing a bit of SPRING into our home in early March we move ahead of winter. We're always ready for Spring before it  actually arrives so MARCHING INTO SPRING inside our home gets us there sooner. We don't have to wait for the weather outside to catch up. How about YOU? Are you ready to MARCH INTO SPRING inside your home?

I'm joining  the following parties: Rose Chintz Cottage 
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  1. Hey Sandy...every one of your photos made me smile! Looking forward to spring here, too!

  2. Love those daffodils! I was at the grocery store yesterday and almost picked up a bunch....should have :)

  3. At least the days are getting longer too. Spring takes forever to come to Northern Minnesota. Maybe I need some tulips and fun pillows too.

  4. What gorgeous tulips! Yellow is such a cheerful color, too. I love your table with pretty things...and not all cluttered like mine right now! lol I need to find a tray like yours to carry things from the kitchen to the lanai. You've given me an idea for what to look for. I haven't done any Spring decorating yet...just some organizing. Sweet hugs!

  5. I am a reluctant springer.. :) I concede.. It's here but I'm hanging onto my snow through every last snowflake! :)

  6. Dear Sandy,

    Thanks for coming by for a visit as well as for your kind comment... A "BASKETBALL BLIZZARD" you say. Well, that's certainly unique, too cute! Yet if it coincides with basket ball season each year why not have fun with it! It's such a great idea to begin celebrating Spring by bringing it into your home so the freshness and airiness with flowers such as Daffodils and/or Tulips really brighten up your home. Love the fragrance candle the cushions and the yummy lighter fare such as the strawberry rhubarb pie all add to uplift as well...

    Great idea with the Spring cleaning and especially curating your collection of books by just cleaning up and then donating a few books in just taking 15 minuets a day, one day at a time.

    Hugs, blessings and cheers from Wanda Lee

  7. yes, growing up in Minnesota a remember the storms during the basket ball tournaments...Just like clock work! I did everything you did to coax spring on.....Except open the windows....What LOL!


  8. Hi Sandy,
    Oh, I am so looking forward to Spring! It's my favourite season. I love the tulips and they certainly do bring a touch of Spring into one's home. We had so many blizzards in February that I'm praying they have blown themselves all out for the rest of the year. Thank you for sharing with us at my HOME and have a lovely week.


  9. Sandy
    These are great tips for bringing Spring to our homes.
    I really need it right now! I think I'm getting Cabin Fever.
    I do love your wire basket!

  10. It's been cold here in the deep South if you can believe that. It is freezing temps at night and I am not liking them at all. Guess we can't do anything about it! But I love your idea of the fresh tulips which are so very pretty! Yes we need to bring Spring inside!

  11. I'm looking forward to Spring, too. However, I am not looking forward to Summer. I can't wait to open up the windows and let fresh evening air in.

  12. Hi Sandy. The yellow tulips are so pretty. They just brighten up while waiting for Spring. Can't come soon enough now for me. Thanks for visiting me and I will be back again..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  13. I'm ready for Spring, but nature doesn't seem to be! We've had a few days of warmer weather, but the weatherman said temperatures will be back to the thirties next week!

  14. I got yellow tulips, too to bring in a touch of spring. They really make me smile. Spring is definitely on the way.

  15. I've been moving bits of Spring in to my home, too. I just get to the place where I'm sick of winter's drabness and pop in some tulips, bird cages and birds, etc. Thanks for all the ideas. I'm going to look for some sunny pillows!

  16. Good morning :-) such lovely spring images you are showing. I love tulips, they just shout spring. My mother gave me a bunch yesterday and my whole house feels different. Going to change the table cloths and put out frwsh candles over the weekend. Speaking of books...l just sorted out mine. We have made a shelf system on the wall for books and put up another shelf a couple of weeks ago. This weekend we are going to rearrange the lounge...because every time l sit down in the sofa l bang the back of my head - have two solid bumps now (only me, everyone else misses it ;-). Happy weekend, Pam xx


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