Sunday, April 14, 2013


This is the last day of our vacation and it's been raining all day. Not complaining though since we're missing a snow storm at home. What? In April?! Last year at this time it was in the 80's!! Guess it makes life interesting!


 Hubby is watching The Masters. Can't get "into" it except to watch the 14 year old from China! How can a boy that young be so focused?

So guess what I've been doing? Yup! Playing with different blog headers. Still haven't decided what to do with it yet. So for now it's plain and simple. But one thing I DID decide on was to "officially" expand my blog to include more than my vintage finds. To those of you who are following my blog to keep up with Hob Nobber Sale updates, don't worry! That will always be a part of this blog. In fact if you'll look on my right sidebar you'll see the "button" for our next sale over Memorial Day weekend! That's NEXT MONTH! Get it on your calendar and tell your friends! I even picked up some things on our vacation in Florida. Look here, and here to see them. You can also go to my Hob Nobber Finds Page ( see just under header ).

Now on to the "NEW AND IMPROVED HOB NOBBER BLOG". I've decided to include other interests that I have in addition to vintage finds and sales. I've already been blogging about different things all along but decided to make it official, especially since I also like to be consistent. My hope is that you can share tips and ideas that work for you and we can have an ongoing-sharing-blog of ideas.

 So one of the topics I'll be blogging about is ORDER. For an example of one of my blogs about "order" go here. But I'd also like to know what YOU do to create order in YOUR home? What great organizing trick or product do YOU have that you can  share? Does YOUR desk look like this? Mine doesn't either. But it's one of my next goals!


The next area I'm going to blog about is beauty in our homes and lives. What do YOU do to bring beauty into your home? To add beauty to your life? Do you notice the simple beauty around you on a daily basis? I'd love to hear how you make life beautiful both inside and out. This WILL, of course, include photos of beautiful things. I'm for SURE going to try and grow some hydrangeas and bring them into the house like this!


Being creative is something that helps to inspire me! It keeps me in the moment and makes me happy. What do YOU do to create? Bake? Paint? Knit? Write? Decorate? How does creating help YOU? I think I'm going to try this next...

To be honest, this area is not my favorite but it IS NECESSARY...FOR ME! I really need to lose some weight, get my BP down, eat less sugar, and just feel better physically. So I'm going to challenge myself to get healthy and create wellness in my life. I'm hoping some of you will join me in this lifestyle change. Or maybe YOU are in great shape and have some great tidbits of information that can help me and others as well. I'll be sharing the great ideas that work for ME and hopefully some will work for you too. I'm hoping I'll be able to do this balancing on the ball thing. Yeah, right.

I'm excited about adding these areas "officially" to my blog and hope you'll join me in sharing your OWN insights and ideas! I'll be heading home tomorrow and the NEW AND IMPROVED HB BLOG WILL BEGIN! Hope you'll join me!

UPDATE TO THIS POST : For photos of Florida during our vacation, check back the last few posts!


  1. Oh good! It's fun to mix things up and feature what we love! I like the new look!

  2. Sounds like some good goals for your blog makeover. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.
    I'm following back, Mary Alice

  3. Great topics! Lots of inspiration, although I don't think I'll be trying the yellow exercise ball. :)
    Thanks for visiting and and following. I'm happy to be a new follower of your blog,too.

  4. Hi Sandy! I agree, it's fun to mix things up and I look forward to your posts :) The new look is very pretty and refreshing.


  5. Yay! Congrats on the new changes.


  6. Just found you and am now following! Hope you stop by and say hi :)


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