Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Yesterday I mentioned  the antique auction Les and I went to where we bought a car load and more of furniture and a few smaller pieces. I haven't been able to get photos of everything because it's still kind of packed in our garage but here are a few items I was able to pull out to get photos of. I've also included here some photos of treasures picked up at yard sales. I don't want to show you everything! We like to keep some things as surprises!

These old  buoys are the real thing, pulled out of the ocean near the Florida Keys.

This is a really neat wood box with wire handle and vintage milk carrier.

Teal colored vintage ladder.

"California" Lazy Susan. Love the colors!

Chippy old stool. I might end up painting this.

Great vintage bench!

Very cool red leather swivel chair. I'll be doing some work on this one also!

Sweet little drop-front desk that I will paint. Below is the inside:

J and P Coates Thread advertising display along with thread.

Isn't this a fun street sign? This is something I picked up a while back  ( not off a street corner ) but wanted to show you. Sorry, this won't be for sale. My daughter and son-in-law have dibs on this. They met at a coffee shop and want it for their kitchen...when they move back from China! Holding onto this sign for them actually gives me hope that they ARE moving back!

There is so much more which I'll share in future posts. But of course there are many more treasures that will be SURPRISES! I'll also be showing you some "before and after" photos of refinished furniture as I complete some projects.The sale isn't until Labor Day weekend but we gather inventory all summer. Well, back to the HUNT!


  1. Love the buoys and lazy susan! Buoys are a popular look up here in New England too, but I believe it's illegal to take them off the beach. Lots of shops sell them though.

  2. If it's illegal to take the buoys, just for the record, it wasn't me! LOL

  3. Oh the buoys are fantastic! And I do like the sign :) Thanks for showing us. Have a lovely day.


  4. Oh, I love the bench and the desk. Isn't buoy a fantastic word?

  5. Evening Sandy, More great finds.....the box and dairy holder is very nice...plus that great color ladder! You are on a roll! The buoys are the "pic"! Have a wonderful week....Blessings~~~Roxie

  6. Oh what lovely things! Particularly love the sign and that bench oh and that dropfront desk, we call them skatholl here. Have a lovely day, blessings Pam

  7. I love the old stool and the leather chair. Very nice finds. Here in New England you can get yourself in really big trouble for taking buoys out of the ocean. They mark a fisherman or lobsterman's traps and are individual to each one.

    1. I'm just learning now about the "buoy" situation. The couple I purchased them from had them quite a while so hopefully the statute of limitations is up! I wasn't aware though that they marked out fisherman 's traps. Thanks for the info.

  8. Hi Sandy, Love the buoys and the bench! What treasures you found. I can see you have your work cut out for you as well. Enjoy!

  9. Oh, you found so many great things. I LOVE the buoys the most.

    I am headed to the garage at my childhood home today. My sister bought me out rather than go through the house. It has been 12 years so she is ready to actually look at things. I hope to find some fun stuff and some good memories.


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