Thursday, June 20, 2013


Jane, a friend of my Mom's, recently moved into an Independent Living Apartment. She had been a collector of antiques for years so she had a big house full of treasures for which she wanted to find new homes. Her children and grandchildren came to help her. While she sat on the porch, her adult children would go through everything in the house, setting aside whatever they wanted to keep for themselves. Then they would haul what they DIDN'T want out onto the porch and lawn to sell.

That's where I came in. I heard about this and decided to check it out. Since my Mom was a friend of Jane's, she came with me so they could visit while I" shopped". Jane had amazing things! But this was not your typical garage sale. Nothing was marked. Just like a picker, you would dig through her boxes  of treasures, find something you might want, take it to Jane and ask her what she wanted for the item. The price she came up with was always reasonable so I never asked her for a lesser price. A couple of things were more than I wanted to pay, however, so I said I'd have to think about it. Then Jane would say, "Well, no pressure or anything, but there are two others interested in that, so you better think fast."

I found some very fun things! Above is a picture of JUST SOME of the treasures I bought. Jane had a personal story for each one which was great! But it's a good thing there weren't a lot of people "picking". It might have taken awhile!  Here's a closer look:

              Stoneware creamer from Finland and a Crock with advertising on the inside.

Cracker Jack Tin

                                        Very old candy container, made to look like a lantern.

                                                                Red Transferware Platter.

                                                     Two Hoosier Glass Coffee Jars. I should probably keep one for myself, don't you think?

                                                          Cast Iron Plant Holders

                                                 Wood Norwegian Wedding Spoon.

And THERE'S MORE but you'll have to see the rest later.  I'm still putting away things from the auction we went to this weekend! Still have to clean all the items and decide what I want to keep! Then inventory the items, take photos and pack away for the sale!

I could have sat there all day on the porch just looking at the treasures as they came out the door! As we left, Jane said, " Come back tomorrow! We'll keep hauling more out until it's all gone!"
"Sweet!" I said, "See you tomorrow!"

I'll let you know what I get!


  1. I'm so glad you got to go and find some neat things. The coffee jars sure are neat! Everything is wonderful! Sweet hugs!

  2. oh my goodness!! got to love that...and all the stuff you just got (bet you ARE going back tomorrow ~ lol!!)

  3. That's the kind of Picking that I like. Love the coffee jars and the Cracker Jack tin.

  4. What wonderful things. I bet you are doing a happy dance :)

  5. I like the Cracker Jack tin, the wooden spoon and masher, the old coffee jars and the old photos too.


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