Friday, June 21, 2013


I thought I'd share a few more of my finds with you today. I know my last couple of posts have been showing you my treasures but they just keep coming so I want you to see what I've found!

                              These are  little cast iron banks. I thought they were so cute!

I scored 6 enamel pots at the antique auction. Two with black trim, two with red trim, one tan with green, and one graniteware.

A table runner with birds. I'm going to "try" and make a pillow out of this.

                                                                   This basket quilt.

This funky room divider with 5 panels. I'll probably change the material in them at some point because it's not really my style but they'll do for now. They will separate a mud room area in the garage ( it's heated in winter  ) from my Hob Nobber work space. I'm keeping these but I also bought a pair of "stick and ball" antique ones that will be for sale. Picture of those later...

And this dresser, which DOES have a top drawer, but I pulled it out before I decided to take a photo of it. It has yellowish bakelite handles! So cool.  I'm refinishing this and taking "before and after" photos as well as the steps I took in the refinishing process. If it works out as planned I'll have my FIRST EVER TUTORIAL for you! If it doesn't work out I can always show you "what NOT to do".

Bakelite drawer handles. 

I hope you have a great weekend! I'll be working on some of my projects. Then granddaughter number 2 has a birthday...12 years old....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIANNA!


  1. Wowzee!! Hubby would love the banks! The flower basket quilt catches my eye!!! You are on a roll!! Just keep 'em coming! Blessings~~~Roxie

  2. Evening Sandy, You are on a roll! Hubby would love the banks and I'm a sucker for that flower basket quilt! Great finds! Keep 'em coming! Blessings~~~~Roxie

  3. Cool cool finds. I cannot wait to see how you do the dresser.

  4. Wow you really find some great things. I saw that you sold a wicker set. I'm just curious how you sell? Do you have an antiques booth, or sell online? I started a booth a couple months ago but it is s-l-o-w going. Wondering if consignment would be better or something else. Any tips? Thanks - Dawn

    1. A couple of friends and I have occasional sales two times a year. We do very well that way but we price things so that people won't think twice about buying so we can MOVE things but still enough that we make money. Consequently the comment we hear most often is, "Your prices are so reasonable!" Antique dealers are able to buy at our sale and resell in their shops as well. People line up an hour ahead of our opening. We are open only one and a half days during our sales and put out new items on the second day. Of course it doesn't hurt that we have our sale in a local historical home where normally they would have to pay to come in. We live in the house and act as Resident Directors. I think occasional sales with great prices work because people look forward to the event and it becomes like a party. We had to open a room just for holding items for people while they shop for more! Sorry about the long answer...hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by!


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