Saturday, April 5, 2014


Right now I'm vacationing on the sunny beaches of Florida!

NOTE TO WOULD-BE BURGLERS:  We have people staying at our house... Bigger than me... And security... And men working all over... So don't even think about going there!!!

Not that burglers are readers of my blog or anything but never know...I saw that commercial on TV...( in case you haven't seen it, it's about a lady writing on, well, probably Facebook, about her vacation and then shows a a masked burgler reading it )

OK Now that that is out of the way....

We left a day earlier than usual so we could take our time and hit all the great antique shops along the way and hopefully bring some great stuff home for our upcoming sale! And BONUS : While in Montgomery, Alabama, we heard about an Estate Sale of a retired colonel who was an antique collector and world traveler. So of course, we had to go! And I'm so glad we did! The house was packed full of interesting finds! One gentleman said, "I hope you brought your lunch because it will take all day to see everything!" Unfortunately, we didn't exactly have all day. We were also limited by the amount of space we had to bring back stuff in our car. And the gorgeous antique furniture was a bit over my budget! So I had to choose carefully.

Anyway, I did happen to find a few interesting items: two vintage wool striped blankets, a civil war era coverlet, an antique quilt that I'll use for making pillows as it had many little boo-boos but still enough lovely pattern to work with, and two 1940's paper mache bunnies with baskets, and a cute little tray with a handle on top. I'll be taking some photos here to show you but right now we're just enjoying the beach!

Also, we stopped at another Estate Sale in Montgomery and bought a vintage leather bag and a small vintage kitchen glass container. I passed up an old GE electric heater that was in great condition and looked like a fan.It had a great big "GE" on the front. I wasn't sure what someone would do with it so I let it pass. It was $8. At one of the antique shops we stopped at I saw one selling for $125! So then I was kicking myself for not buying it. But you know we wouldn't have priced it even close to that, so someone would have had a deal! Oh well, that happens from time to time!

At another antique shop I found some fun things but I'll share those with you later, along with photos of all the above! Wonder why I'm still blogging while on vacation? Blogging about my finds is a hobby and I find this fun! Also, I have more "down time" in which to blog. And my eyelids needed a break from the sun as it was the only place I forgot to put sunscreen and they are now feeling a bit burned!

So stay tuned for more...I'll be doing more shopping and even hitting the "Highway 80"  400 Mile Yard Sale on the way home!


  1. I cannot wait to see photos of all your finds! The 400 mile yard sale in Kentucky Is coming up in June - I can't wait.

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. That yard sale in Kentucky may be the same one I'm stopping at but I'm just hitting it in Alabama. Are you going to that sale?


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