Monday, November 3, 2014


So here's the scoop on the Etsy shop, Gwen and Alma's. I just heard that shop owners on Etsy are becoming unhappy with some recent changes that Etsy is making. After reading several of the forums on Etsy and seeing what complaints that the shop owners are having, I've decided to put my Etsy shop on hold. If the changes continue to be a problem I'll have to consider whether I want to open a shop on Etsy.

Had to have this fun blue notepad with my shop name on it! Excuse the spots of light...

But no worries! I have an ebay "membership" and I've been successful selling on ebay. Soooo, for now I'm listing my vintage treasures on ebay. Actually my husband first opened the membership there so our user name is not Gwen and Alma's. Go here to learn about the shop name.But I'm still going to think of my online sales ( where ever they are posted ) as being from Gwen and Alma's. I've already had some business cards made for that name and I love the name! I may even open a shop on my own website later. But until then it's ebay...

yeah, my cards say Etsy but oh well, maybe later

I still have to post a lot more items but you can see what is already posted by going here: ebay : advanced search : specific seller. Then put the following "member ID" in the blank: cookieman1017. My husband's nickname was cookie, thus cookieman...

Right now I'm having what I call a "soft opening" until I get more treasures listed for sale. Then I will have a BIG GRAND OPENING with a Give-Away!! But WOW I've already had lots of people viewing so that's even awesome! So hop on over and check out my treasures!
Think, "Gwen and Alma's" even though you won't see the name yet. I'm still trying to figure out...Etsy or Ebay....What would YOU do?


  1. I sell on Etsy and on Ebay and I have a small booth space in St. Paul. Now I'm even considering selling on Instagram. Each venue has its pros and cons!! I'm heading over to see what you have for sale!!

  2. I just started selling on ETSY so I don't have much to go on yet. I've done well on EBAY in the past. I usually look to see which items I think will sell better where.

  3. I don't sell on either, but it will be fun to see what people say. As a shopper I go to the site that I think will be more inclined to have what I am looking for. I have this thought in my head, I don't know if it is right or wrong, I always feel like I am supporting small business when I shop on Etsy...In my head, it is mostly women working hard to make a few bucks. I am less intimidated to shop on Etsy and feel safer.....Maybe a crazy thought? I do also shop on ebay a lot.


  4. I have an Etsy shop. I used to get a lot more traffic than I get now. When you say there have been changes, could you let us know what you mean, please. I have searched and not sure what the changes are. I appreciate what Carol said about shopping on Etsy. I agree with her.

    1. Someone suggested I read the forum on Etsy. Changes were made in the way what pages come up when a customer is looking for an item. Apparently, sometimes several items from one shop shows up, instead of having items from many shops showing up on the first several pages. So many shops are not getting exposure and their sales have gone way down. Shop owners have to figure out how to get their shop on the front pages but it was very confusing! I'm waiting to understand the whole thing before I begin selling on Etsy. I also find it strange that it wasn't explained clearly by Etsy. At first people thought it was a glitch until someone figured out that Etsy had just changed how they do things. Check out the forums. I think it is on the first one.

    2. Thank you, Sandy. I think you have to pay extra to have more exposure. It doesn't seem as seller-friendly as it used to be. I'll check out the forums.


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