Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Still finding some interesting treasures for the Hob Nobber Memorial Day sale! Here are just a few of them...

This guy has some discoloration and crazing due to aging but don't we all! I love the look!

No lid with this gal but plop some red geraniums  in and she's perfecto!

Lovely Red Wing plate!

If you love beautiful collectibles you will want this little "in perfect condition" Hull pitcher for your collection!

Above and below is a 23 piece set of rare vintage Vernon Kilns Pottery. I found the set in one of three boxes of dishes I bought at an auction that were auctioned off together. I really bought the boxes because of another set of dishes I wanted. This just happened to come along with it. Not knowing anything about this particular collection I inquired about them from a couple who specializes in this pottery. Though they specialize in only this pottery they had never seen this pattern before. Upon checking further for us they found out it dates back to 1938. No chips or cracks and in perfect condition! They told us it was a "great find!". That was a pretty fun discovery! You never know what you are going to find!

Look at the interesting "downward" handles on this sugar bowl

And here is something I couldn't pass up! Not sure whether to keep this guy or give him as a white elephant gift when our Bible Study's annual White Elephant Christmas  party comes around.

                                    He makes a very sickly squacking noise when squeezed.

And to leave this post on a "nicer note" and prettier photo, here are some tulips my husband gave me for Valentine's Day!

                                                              Have a great week!


  1. Hi Sandy! You find such lovely things! It's exciting! Love the chicken and the tulips!

    1. Thanks! I LOVE the hunt and especially when I can find some good stuff!

  2. Hi Sandy--thanks so much for visiting my blog today and checking out my vintage finds. I'm wondering how it is that I've not "discovered" your blog before?! What great vintage treasures you find on a regular basis! I'm loving your Hull vase--that's a great find, and I'm also loving your mortar and pestle from the previous post--pretty darn amazing. Good work--

    1. Guess I don't get out ( in blogland ) often enough! Hah! And the Hull was a bargain! I have been pretty happy at what I've been able to find! Thanks!

  3. Loving the tulips and the pitchers. That chicken is my fave, though. XOXO

    1. That chicken is pretty cute, I have to admit! ; )


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