Thursday, June 4, 2015


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.  Henry David Thoreau

Previously I posted about how you can create multiple streams of income with vintage treasures (here).  Today I will share an example of how you can break it down into specific income streams.

Below are listed examples of four income streams. The amounts listed are just examples ( not our own ) of how you might break down the streams of income for a year's time. Though I have listed four income streams, you might have more or less. You might also choose different streams of income than I list here. Check my last post ( here ) to see a bigger list of possible income streams.

1) Two occasional sales a year...$6,000
2) Having a space in an Antique Sale/Flea-market...$2,000
3) Etsy Store....$2,400
4) Four ebooks a year....$1,600
Total Income Goals....$12,000/year

 I started out selling vintage and antique treasures in one sale a year with two friends. That grew into  bi-annual occasional sales. We started out filling one room and as it grew we added more rooms of treasures. We don't include other vendors. It is the three of us and our families. We hold it in the 49 room mansion we live in and work as Resident Directors so we are blessed to have that beautiful space to use. ( See the Plummer House page for information on this house) Currently we fill seven rooms full of treasures.  This is my first income stream.

Last year my husband and I started renting space at a large local Antique/Flea Market. The other Hob Nobbers didn't choose to participate so this was a personal endeavor of just my husband and I. We plan on continuing this to add to our income stream.

This summer I plan to open an Etsy store. I sold a few vintage treasures on eBay over the past year to see if I would enjoy the online sales and it was fun. So now I'm ready to commit to an online store which I will call, Gwen and Alma's, after my two grandmothers.

In addition to the sales of vintage and antique items, I am working on ebooks to sell in the future. The first ebook is almost finished and will be FREE for a few months in the beginning. It will be about how to make an income through your own occasional sales. Since I have found this to be the most lucrative way to sell vintage treasures I wanted to share our experience.

It is important to begin making an income in just one area. Once you have grown that into a successful business, you can begin the next stream of income. Sometimes this will just work out automatically, one stream leading into the next. I would love to hear your experiences and what income streams you might be interested in.

If you love collecting vintage and antique items, you will find that it will be fun and not even feel like a job! And while you are having fun, you are making a little income doing it!

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I'm eagerly awaiting your e books for more tips and suggestions.

    I started selling on Etsy and Ebay last year. I've been doing ok, nothing spectacular, but I am selling stuff. I need more exposure and don't know how to get more people to notice my shop.

    I'd love to start selling at an antique mall but we don't have anything like that near where I live in Chicago.


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