Thursday, November 12, 2015


Is it your turn to host Thanksgiving dinner but you need to do it on a budget? You can create a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, set a stylish table and do it all on a budget. Listed here are five ideas to get you started...

Remember that this holiday is centered around family, food, and giving thanks. Keep your focus on those things and your Thanksgiving celebration will be a great success!

1) PLAN AHEAD  AND ASK FOR HELP     Simply planning ahead will help you keep costs down. Give yourself time to look for coupons to use. Set the menu and ask family members to bring a dish to share. Tell everyone this meal is going to be like the first Thanksgiving when everybody brought food to share. Make a list of the dishes you want people to bring and then ask each person which one they would like to make. People really do like to bring things to share and be a part of the preparations.

2) DECORATE THE TABLE WITH NATURAL DECOR        You don't need to purchase elaborate centerpieces. Simple natural beauty can be found right outside your door and will "wow" your guests with your creativity. Look for pine cones, tree branches, acorns, evergreen, and leaves. Find inspiration on Pinterest for ideas on using what nature offers in abundance. Use these natural elements that are free for the taking and  containers you already have. You can put together simple and yet elegant centerpieces they can be made to look like you spent a fortune!

3) SET UP FOOD BUFFET STYLE      Find a place, whether you have a buffet or counter, where you can set up the food buffet style. Create a pretty buffet by adding pieces of  natural decor. In the photo below notice the plates set on the chair. Simple and  yet stylish in a relaxed way.


4)  PLACE CARDS     It helps to have seating arranged ahead of time and adding simple place cards  can do the trick. You can print names on paper and add evergreen or just print names on leaves. Costs next to nothing and adds to the decor.

5) GIVING THANKS     It doesn't cost anything to make sure giving thanks is a part of your celebration. Let the kids get involved and have them go around and ask everyone to write down on a cut- out- leaf what they are thankful for. Hang them on tree branches that you have put in a vase.


             What ideas do you have on how to host a stylish Thanksgiving Dinner on a budget?


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