Wednesday, February 24, 2016


"Be yourself: everyone else is already taken."  Oscar Wilde

 I love Farmhouse style decor. I don't live in a farmhouse, though. Not even close! Though there are woods around us so we see a lot of wild life. Does that count? Because  that's as close as it gets...except for my decor! A while ago I began to purchase farmhouse style decor and now it feels like "farmhouse" around here.Well, at least my interpretation of farmhouse style.Though my friend, Renee, who lives on an actual real farm, says unless it smells like cow manure it's not really farmhouse style! Hah! But I love it! I try to find authentic farmhouse antiques but sometimes all the old good stuff is difficult to find.
Early in my hunt for Farmhouse style treasures I had been looking high and low for those very cool glass and cup holders/drying racks that I kept seeing in magazines. And lo and behold I found them! At Amazon!

I know, right? Here is mine on my kitchen counter. This was taken close to Valentine's Day, thus the message on the Hen! Sometimes you are just not going to find an original and the reproductions will do just fine! And to add to  the Farmhouse theme I put jars on my rack which we use for glasses. I prefer storing these "jars" over cups.


To check this out on Amazon and find one for yourself go here: Shop  

There is also a wall glass rack on Amazon for holding even more glasses like the one below.  Go here to see:

And check out this  French Style rack below:

Check this one out here: Shop

Any of these  racks can add Fabulous Farmhouse Style or even Industrial Style to your kitchen decor. BUT you don't even need to desire specific styles to just love the looks and the convenience of these darling racks! I love mine and I know you'll love yours!

Also I added these two sweet vintage Black Americana kitchen towels to my Etsy store, Gwen And Alma's. Go here for details.

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  1. I found one of those drying racks at an estate sale last summer and snatched it up for a dollar. I hang the bracelets I make on it until I sell them.


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