Monday, March 28, 2016

New Treasure, Hob Nobber Sale and Gwen And Alma's

I found something awesome  and I wanted to share it here before I sell it in our upcoming Hob Nobber sale...Ta Da!!!!!

And here it is at a slightly different angle...

Know what it is? It's an antique sugar mold with 12 holes.  Brown sugar cane syrup would be poured into the depressions or "holes" until they dried. The sugar formed raw brown sugar cones and this was how they were originally sold to consumers. The cones were easy to store and transport. More sugar refining measures had not been developed yet.

Today they are being used as candle holders. This one has 12 depressions in which to put candles. It also has two iron end pieces to set it up from the table.

This will be for sale at our Spring event over Memorial Day weekend!

                                                           Hob Nobber Spring Sale
                                      Sunday May 29th 12-5 and Monday May 30th 9-5!

I'll be heading for Florida soon and hope to find some interesting treasures along the way to bring back for the sale!

In the meantime, head on over to my Etsy store, Gwen And Alma's here and see what's new!

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