Saturday, March 19, 2016


Work, love, and play are the great balance wheels of man's being. Orison Swett Marden

I love to collect antique and vintage items to sell at our occasional sales and my Etsy store, Gwen And Alma's! The hunt and discovery of "finds" is one of the things I enjoy most. It's the fun of the hunt! Discovering treasure!

And then when it comes to setting up our Hob Nobber occasional sale, my second favorite thing is setting up vignettes. I love to decorate! So I can "decorate" little areas for the sale and have fun doing that. I can satisfy my "decorating fix" without  continuously rearranging my own home. I'm one of those people who finds a good arrangement of furniture and sticks with it. Though I might add some new things and take others out.

This is not the best example of one of my vignettes. This was taken after items had been purchased and things moved around but it included the scale get the idea...But I LOVE the painted hutch with the new knobs!

Sometimes  I find vignettes on Pinterest with great items I love and then also begin hunting to find the same treasures to duplicate it. But most of the time I find different and interesting items and then begin getting ideas on how I'm going to put them together. The other Hob Nobbers make fun of me ( in a nice way, of course ) because I'm always talking about my "vignettes".

The other two "main" Hob Nobbers, Karen and Renee, enjoy the hunt but also love repurposing, painting, sewing, and repairing. And while I do a little of these things in order to make some items more appealing to buyers, I like the simplicity of selling the items in their original rustic form and let the buyer decide how they want to use it. I love the creativity that people come up with when they find an item to use in their home. But I realize that others just want ideas on how to use an item. So we have a mix of both. 

The good thing about the three of us is that we are a bit different in what we like to do. Renee is not so much interested in "decorating". But Karen and I both love to set things up. We have a bit of different tastes in some things, though. Which works great when it comes to buying things because we look for different treasures so we end up with a variety of styles. But when it comes to decorating...well, that is something we are "working on". We end up constantly rearranging each others "vignettes". The funny thing is we are still surprised when we find something we just placed in a new spot has already been moved and replaced with something else! We should know by now that we are quite literally following each other around and moving things to fit our own styles! Hah!

Working with others can get complicated and yet we've continued to work things out. Including all of our husbands, our children and their spouses, and all of our grandchildren we have had at times almost 30 people helping out! We couldn't do it without all of them! But it's a lot of people working together, with different interests, ideas, tastes,  and yet we seem to make it work! One thing that we all seem to have in common is we all have a good sense of humor. We laugh a lot when working together. That makes up for any differences we might have.

And we are all doing the things we love, working together with our families, and having fun doing it! Who could ask for more? 

So I've found that there are three things that can make working together easier and more fun.

1) Keep Your Sense Of Humor       

2) Divide Responsibilities So Each Person Can Do What They Enjoy

3) Agree To Disagree At Times 

4) Just Enjoy The Experience!

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