Thursday, June 30, 2016


Have you ever read an old vintage magazine? They are actually quite hilarious but also tell you a lot about life back when...

I have a 1935 Pictorial Review Magazine that has some surprising ( at least to ME )  and some maybe "not so surprising" ads and articles in it. This magazine was a popular women's magazine from 1899 to 1939.

One of things that surprised me was that apparently it was popular to gain weight as opposed to wanting to LOSE weight. Here is an ad I found:

The first line says, " Thousands have gained attractive flesh this new easy just a few weeks!" And, "... you can put on pounds of flesh, enticing curves" "Watch skinny limbs round out attractively." "No matter how weak and skinny you may be this marvelous  (product)  ...should build you up in a few short weeks."

Did you know that cigarette use was considered to have health benefits in the past? Even doctors prescribed  them.

And apparently in the 1930's it was popular to want to be like other women.  So in this ad for Camels they listed the many distinguished women who smoke  the more expensive Camels...

Here's a quote in the ad from a Camel smoker, "When I'm a bit tired from a round of gaieties, I find that smoking a Camel really rests me and gives me a new sense of energy."

There were also Cigarette ads for Lucky Strikes and Chesterfields. The cigarette ads were the biggest taking up whole pages.

There were also many ads for constipation, apparently a very common ailment, which seemed to produce crabby women who then affected their family in a negative way.

And there was this ad for Campbells Soup...

...a man calling home telling his wife he is bringing someone home for a "good HOME COOKED dinner"  of Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

So many interesting articles in this magazine giving a glimpse of the hearts and minds of women in the 1930's. Or at least what the media THOUGHT should be important to women...

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