Thursday, February 8, 2018


                  This is a beautiful day! I've never seen this one before!      Maya Angelou

It's a beautiful sunny winter day today! What a nice quote by Maya ( above ) for EVERY DAY!

I have one more thing to do to wrap up Christmas. Pack up the Carolers! I miss them during the year so they "carol" until about mid February. I'm not a big collector of things. This is my one big collection which only comes out at Christmas so I like to keep them around a little longer. Do you have anything you keep out long after Christmas?

I have 37 Carolers! I have three generations of families, a dog, and a deer. My grandchildren gave each one a name. And their names are rather creative, I think. We have a Melosh, a Miscoti,  a Mina, and a Zoey, just to name a few!

To be honest, I guess I DO have another collection. I like vintage and antique cream or white ironstone/stoneware with blue stripes which I keep in a glassed in "bookcase" of sorts. I'll show them in another post.

While I'm downsizing my "stuff" right now, I'm going to have to decide if any of my collection pieces has to go. And when you are collecting items for resale, it is REALLY hard to simplify things but that's what I'm trying to do! I'll let you know how THAT works out! 

Right now I'm working at simplifying our bedroom and also cleaning it at the same time. It is really feeling bigger, cleaner ( well, that's because I cleaned also ), neater, and well, "Simpler"! That "feeling" is what will keep me moving ahead with downsizing other rooms and closets. It feels GREAT!

Are you ready to simplify YOUR life and home? As I said previously, I'm working on an ebook to share my thoughts on "living simply". If you have any tips you'd be willing to share, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for stopping by!


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