Wednesday, February 7, 2018


                 February is the border between Winter and Spring.  Terri Guillemets

So I'm back from a long break from blogging. We have discontinued our bi-annual Hob Nobber Sales so we could spend those two weekends at the Lake with family on the pontoon. Some things are just too important to put off! And our family time on the Lake over the two long weekends is important to us.

I'm still selling on Etsy and will keep going to Gold Rush in Rochester. While this event takes place on a weekend, it's not on one of the long weekends ( Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends) where our kids get off work for a three day weekend. Those are the two biggest weekends to be at the lake! It's great family time!

We have a lot of nice things in our online shop so check us out at 
I say "we" because my daughter, Elissa, and husband, Les, work with me in the business. 

As I might have mentioned in the past, I'm also working on an ebook about "simplifying your life". It has kind of taken a backseat to the collecting and selling but little by little I'm getting there. In fact, the decision to not have the Hob Nobbers any more was to try and simplify our lives. It was all getting to be too much. I'm also working on simplifying our own lives as I write the book and share my OWN experiences. So I'm downsizing our "stuff", cleaning out closets, and trying to find more creative ways to make life less complicated. Life is complicated already so why add to it with "too much stuff" and "too many activities"? It gives us more time to do the things we REALLY want to do. The ebook will also help you clarify the things that are important to YOU!

So here are a couple of things we're selling on Etsy at the moment. We have about 180 items for sale and we add more items to that weekly. If you'd like occasional updates on what's for sale, go to our shop, Gwen And Alma's, and click on "Favorites". 
Great vintage pot! Add big bouquet of flowers or display just the way it is!

Found this in Panama City Beach, Florida. I kept it for a while but really don't have a place for beachy decor.

Primitive Farmhouse Paddle

I have one of these that I use as a candy dish. I like the Farmhouse look. Valentine Candy would look cute in this!


                                         To see more, go to

Also if anyone locally is interested, I have listed two chairs on Craigslist ( not vintage ) that are in great condition. $250 for both / OBO. Just leave a comment if you are interested. They are good quality chairs I purchased from Drury's Furniture, but they say on the tag, "made for Daytons". It was kind of confusing but....oh well.

                                  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more updates.

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