Wednesday, May 16, 2018


                        Don't GO through life, GROW through life.  Eric Butterworth

We've finally recovered from Gold Rush! It was a whirlwind week of cleaning our treasures, tagging them, packing them, and then unloading them in our booth. That was followed by three days of selling and of course, more buying! The first day was raining and COLD! Fortunately we were inside. The people who had planned on being outside didn't set up until the following day. I was surprised  that we actually sold some things! The true diehard collectors and shoppers still came! We did have to have our winter jackets, boots, and even mittens. It was THAT cold, even inside! But still, as always, we had FUN!

I managed to remember to take a few photos of our booth.  Some of the items in the photos have sold and others are being listed in our Etsy Shop.  We sold a lot of the furniture on the first day. A large green cart was sold to a lady who was going to use it for an outdoor wedding and then giving it to a friend who had a floral and garden shop. I love it when someone finds something that is just perfect for their needs. Some of our items go to photographers to be used as photo props. Others, of course, are happy to find a treasure for themselves. There were even shoppers for Mother's Day gifts and I happened to have just the right items! So all in all it was a success for everyone!

                                     And these were  just SOME of the treasures we had.  Be sure and check out my Etsy Shop, here, to see more!

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